Press release, Fossavatnsgangan 2020


Dear cross country skiers
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the expected development of the disease here in Iceland for the next few weeks we have decided to officially cancel Fossavatnsgangan 2020.
In fact, all sporting events in Iceland have been cancelled for the next couple of weeks and there is a nation-wide ban on any gatherings of more than 20 people. Even though the date for Fossavatnsgangan falls just outside the current time frame for the ban, it would still be irresponsible to stage the race given the circumstances both here in Iceland and around the world.
Due to the cancellation we offer 50% refund on your registration fee. We ask you, though, to show us a bit of patience as the refunding process might take some time. As Fossavatnsgangan is not in possession of your credit card numbers we are looking to find the most effective way for you to claim your refund. Instructions will be posted on our website and Facebook page later.
For passionate skiers and ambitious race organizers, having to cancel a race feels like a bitter defeat. What is even worse, though, is the financial loss for our local ski club. The revenues from Fossavatnsgangan have been its main source of income and absolutely vital for the club‘s youth program where we bring up the next generations of skiers and, yes, also the next generations of volunteers, coaches, race organizers etc. As we now stop our preparation work for Fossavatnsgangan, our attention shifts towards finding ways to make up for this financial loss in order to save the Ísafjörður Ski Club‘s youth program. Therefore, we are extremely thankful to all those who have already contacted us and asked to donate their refund to our club.
We hope that you will stay healthy, fit and happy. We trust that we will be able to welcome you all to Ísafjörður in the very near future.